Sunday, 21 June 2015

Oddball, he's not a fan of them negative waves

If you've seen much of Ryan Burch's Rabbit Foot surfboard you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a blatant copy, but you'd be wrong, the Rabbits Foot has got somewhat of an asymmetric crescent tail whereas this one has a crescent tail leading into a round tail. And it's got a different colour scheme. So completely different.

Anyway unfair comparisons aside, this board is the result of untold hours; starting life as two blocks of XPS loft insulation board, glued together, shaped and given a fiddly parabolic balsa rail for added strength. This was followed by a few layers of fibreglass, some resin tints and a shoulder damaging amount of sanding and polishing. 

Intended as a replacement for my Number 7 board, I'm hoping the fancy concave and channel will actually help offer a bit more control rather than just being a fibreglass nuisance.