Sunday, 16 February 2014

Another Cobra Update

I can tend to suffer somewhat from a loss of attention, new ideas can quickly steal my attention away in a strange new direction. This has been the case recently, though the idea is not quite ready to be shared here yet though. Meanwhile the Cobra's have steadily been making progress, albeit slowly thanks in part to the atrocious weather we've had recently.

The frame is now glued down, nose block has been attached and rail strips are progressing nicely and importantly nothing too bad has gone wrong yet! In other news, the Shelby Cobra now has it's engine block painted and installed. Longest I've ever spent on an model kit.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Handplane handbags

Something about the winter that makes building some handplanes far more appealing, it's probably the fact that it takes a lot less time than a surfboard so I don't have to stay out in the cold for so long. I can be a bit of a wimp.

This year, inspired by an article on, I decided to knock up some little waterproof handbags to carry them. This is the first attempt, made out of one of my old shirts; yes I take my fashion very seriously.