Sunday, 26 January 2014

Short trip through the Italian and Swiss Alps in a Lotus Elise

Well only four months after my trip to the Alps in the Lotus I've finally pulled all my clips together. If anybody is looking for a trip away from the ocean I can highly recommend bombing around some mountain passes in a sports car!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

First Cobra Update

Progress is slow due to me only working on this board during the weekend, but with my intended completion date being the end of March all is more or less to schedule. Can't really fibreglass until the weather warms up (learned this the hard way) so there is no rush.

The frame has bow been glued together and reinforced with thin balsa strips (to keep the weight down). The strips comprising the base have also been glued together and steam bent to fit the frame. This board has a bit more rocker than my previous hollow boards so it has been a bit more work getting the strips to fit the shape of the frame.

The model Cobra is also coming along well, front and rear suspension have now been painted and assembled.