Sunday, 23 December 2012

Some footage from Bali

In the depths of the miserable, cold, windy and horrendously wet winter, Bali now seems a long, long time ago but somehow I've managed to pull together some footage I took on probably my most enjoyable session of the trip. Waves were only head high but very fun on the 7'6" I'd borrowed for the occasion, even managed to clock one of the rides at 25 seconds which has to be close to a personal best! I suspect the session was made more memorable thanks to it coinciding with one of the numerous spectacular sunsets I witnessed during my two weeks at Canggu.

At any rate the music to the video is 'Gold Fever' by 'The Wind Whistles'. The whole album can be hear here: Window Sills and advice you to check it out, great little band.

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