Saturday, 15 December 2012

Allow me to introduce The Coffee Table

Well after far more many months than I originally anticipated and well past the late autumn surf I promised her, The Coffee Table is now complete. I've only given her one coat of oil so far, there will be many more to come before I'll take her out but it's just nice to see her in all her glory and finally see the grain pop out. I like to think this is my prettiest board yet though with the absence of fibreglass and a healthy dose of air inside, possibly also my least sea worthy. With that in mind I've decided to wait until we get some small, perfect summer waves, to catch her at her best and lets me enjoy the ride in my summer suit. You know, just in case she pulls a Titanic on her maiden voyage. At least that gives me the winter to stare longingly at her!

Once she's been oiled up a bit more I'll get some nicer photos and also pull together a full build entry for her but until then here's some snaps I took this morning.

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