Sunday, 9 December 2012

I Wanted a Really Shiny Board

Well my reason for making this board was two-fold, firstly I wasn't particularly happy with the board I made with the crow design previously and wanted a design with an autumn theme and secondly I wanted a really shiny board. Unfortunately you can't really tell from these photos but honestly it is a really shiny board! 

The board design is pretty standard for me being a solid paulownia wood bodyboard, 150cm long with a large single concave but to finish it this time I used a clear spray on lacquer. First tried the spray lacquer on baby Kaelon's board but wasn't as nice as I was expecting however after watching an episode of 'How it's Made' on Discovery (they were making a banjo) I found out where I went wrong, the banjo had 17 layers of lacquer and I had 6. This time though I used two cans of the stuff and after a couple of hours of polishing I now have a really shiny bodyboard that I can't take a good photo of!

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