Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Board - Day 3

Good news, I have enough hardener! Can still finish the board tomorrow after all. Going to skip the gloss coat, but the hot coat looks okay so far so should be able to get away without the need for sanding.

Cut out and sanded my fins this morning before glassing on, 4 inches from the base and 3/4 inch in from the rail toed in about 1/3 inch and with the same cant as my Nugget, 3 or 4 degrees I expect. At any rate she should have a bit of manoeuvrability. 

Final sanding of the base and fins this afternoon before hot coating the base so all in all she's looking pretty good if I do say so myself! Glass in the leash plug tomorrow and let her set for a week and she'll be good to go, just got to hope for some waves next weekend.

Advice you probably already knew, don't cover your shaping stand with a patterned plastic bag for glassing, unless you want to transfer the pattern to the bottom of your board. Had a small fit when I first saw it!

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