Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Board - Day 2

So today's the big day, as the Queen gets shipped down the Thames with her entourage. Meanwhile back in Swansea it's glassing day. Starting early I gave the board a final eyeing up touching up areas I missed yesterday, sanding back to 120 grit and writing the all important dimensions on the bottom.

The warm temperatures and long hours of sunlight make a big difference to the glassing (one thing I learnt last winter is that fibreglassing in a dark shed when the temp is 5 degrees and falling is not a good idea, trust me). Managed to get lay cloth and top and bottom this morning and and gave the deck a hot coat this afternoon, as well as adding the funky Jubilee logo (designed by 10 year old Katherine Dewar from Chester apparently. 

The one possible snag on the horizon is the lack of hardener I have left, may not be quite enough to finish the job. Plenty of resin though. Not sure how I managed that.

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