Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee Board - Day 1

Well one day into my mini sim and with the distractions of a trip to Caswell Bay, lunch in town and the Wales V Barbarians match out of the way I finally got the shaping done.

I have to be honest and say I've been winging it a bit with this board. I had all intentions of being accurate, building a pair of callipers and using a 24 inch quilting ruler to ensure the thickness and width are perfectly symmetrical.

But in the end though, after extensive reading of the Soap Bar threads on Swaylocks, and having a picture of the final shape in my mind I've just been plowing away with by power planer, sure plan and sandpaper until it matches.

Given it a nice concave which runs most of the length of the board with a bit of a belly at the nose. Scooped a lot of volume from the top of the nose too to help push the lil' beast under waves. Round rails for the first third, quite hard through the middle and very hard for the last foot or so.

Quite liked the deck concave on my No 7 board so added a bit of a concave to this deck too. Feels a lot more comfortable to stand on and seems to give me a bit more control so can't be bad.

Logos are now printed out too. Fibre-glassing starts tomorrow, so far still on schedule to be finished my Tuesday.

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