Thursday, 6 September 2012

Trying my hand at something new

I can be easily influenced and YouTube has been a terrible influence on me. At any rate after watching this video by Original Skateboards I felt my life was lacking a longboard and being that I had some spare ply kicking about I figured how hard could it be to build one of those? As it turns out probably not too difficult assuming you have the right tools. I didn't have the right tools and most certainly did not have the right wood! 

With a bottle of wood glue, some misshapen sheets of ply, a load of bricks, a jig-saw and plenty of mistakes I eventually had a board that resembled a longboard. Some heavy sanding, a disastrous attempt at making my own grip tape using sand and varnish later and the addition of a pair of trucks and a set of wheels later and she was complete.

As much to my surprise the board has snapped under usage yet and the combination of soft wheels and a pretty flexible (though fat) deck means this board is actually a pretty comfortable ride and quite the little carver even if she's not the easiest on the eye.

Undeterred though I've now gotten my hands on 7 sheets of maple ply, a bottle of Titebond III and a sheet of XPS foam (I have a cunning plan) so the mark II version should be much improved, watch this space!


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