Sunday, 23 September 2012

Latest Wooden Sim Update

Home stretch now I think, board is all glued together now so hopefully it's watertight. Roughed the outline out, rails are still squared up at the moment. Dropped a bit of a bollock when it comes to the nose, didn't include enough wood in the nose to shape it as flat as I intended so had to make it slightly longer and with more of a pulled in nose than I planned. Looks to resemble more like a Firewire Sweet Potato than a mini sim now but to be honest I was planning to pull the nose in for my next evolution of the Jubilee Sim so not necessarily a bad thing, did give me a scare though! 

At any rate, essentially what I have at the moment, after many hours of work, is a surfboard blank! 

Also knocked up some fin blanks, these will need to be shaped then marked out on the board so I can route out some slots for them and glue in place. Then all that's left is to shape out the rails and give it a final sanding and oiling. Would still like to be able to surf this in my summer suit so time is running out!

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