Monday, 19 January 2015

Some photos of my latest paulownia wood paipo

She's a deceptive one this paipo, the top of the board is a full 2 1/2 inches wider than the bottom. I like the optical illusion effect that the triple stringers (made with Homebase's mysteriously named 'dark hardwood'). Unfortunately I went a little too aggressive when carving out the bottom concave, while stress testing the board I noticed a little crack by the central stringer which I'm pretty sure would snap the board under use. 

I do like the look of this board though and with this in mind I'll be adding it to my fibreglassing list for the spring. A light epoxy lamination should fill the cracks and give it more strength. I'll miss the wood finish but I think the glass finish will be a good look too and should allow for a good many years of battering.


  1. Looks tidy. I have done the sam on concave once or twice! 9.75mm is too thin!! I have adopted your epoxy paipo for winter use and saving wood for the calmer part of the year! A glass finish would be a smart all year round solution.

    1. Did see the damage to the one you last posted on Instagram! Did you manage to fix it alright in the end?