Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Beginnings of the Cobra

Juggling quite a few little projects at the moment, none of them really up to any standard worth writing too much about yet, but my biggest current project is a new hollow, wooden surfboard that's been on the drawing board for quite a while now.

It's going to be a 5'10" single fin made from tulipwood with twin obeche stripes, imagine the AC Cobra below complete with the twin Shelby racing stripes, that's the intention of this design. Basically wanting a small fast board with some cross your fingers handling. Love the feel of the pivoting carves of the 9 foot Winky, but want to transfer that feeling into a smaller, more manageable board.

Haven't gotten too far with this yet but the design is finalised and the spar and ribs stuck down onto some plywood. Currently milling some wood strips and hoping the days start getting longer soon and the weather starts to get a bit friendlier so I can getting more work done.

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