Sunday, 13 January 2013

Making boards while the sun shines

Been a surprisingly nice day today, even if at has been bastard freezing, so nice in fact that I had to brave the freezing temperatures to go for a morning surf down Llangennith, shoulder high, a gentle offshore and the occasional iceberg.

Have managed to get some work done on balsa bodyboard too though so been a fairly productive weekend. First task was to sand in a bit more bottom rocker and flatten the base ready for some concaves. The rails were sanded back by just over a centimetre deep by seven centimetres wide, similar to that of my Catch Surf Beater, but I also added a centimetre deep concave too, two changes will complete the bottom. Hoping to make a board that is proficient when finless with the option of adding a pair of mini keels when more control is required.

Also managed to start on the deck too, spooned out a large area towards the nose keeping a lot of volume around the hard rails. Some more shaping is required on the nose then I just need to refine the shape a bit more and smooth it all off. Hopefully the shaping should be completed next weekend, pretty quick work for me!

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