Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The UFO - Unidentified Floating Object

Been playing around with the design of my solid paulownia bodyboard with my latest version. Rather than tapering the rails up and confining the concave to the central third of the board I've extended the concave all the way to the rails. This has the effect of making the rails sharper and more refined. My intention being to keep more hold in the rail without compromising on speed, indeed the seeing as the base is now somewhat less cluttered drag should be even less allowing for even more speed. 

Only had a chance for a brief surf on some stormy high tide waves but initial impressions are that this is board has a cracking turn of speed and I'm not sure whether it's just because this board is shorter than I've been using of late but it seemed to cope better with steeper take-offs. Will need some more testing until I can say this board is more manoeuvrable than previous efforts but it's looking good so far.

Went for a gloss resin finish on this board rather than just oiling it. Last time I go for this option though because while it looks lovely and shiny it was a right pain in the arse to coat and polish. To make matters worse one miss-timed wave resulted on me and the board getting dashed on the rocks and scuffing my lovely shiny finish within 10 minutes of getting it in the water. Live and learn I guess.

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