Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'Wan Wan' means woof woof in Japanese

I learnt that from an obscure, hidden Sky TV channel that was trying to teach Japanese. This bodyboard is somewhat of a departure from my previous solid wooden boards in that it's made from tulipwood rather than paulownia. While sharing many of the same characteristics of paulownia it is slightly heavier. 

This board is also slightly thicker than my previous boards, 2.54mm rather than 1.8mm but I've made up for the  reduced flex with a deeper concave. So far this seems a very fast bodyboard.

The bird in the logo is a pied crow incidentaly, taken from a photograph I took on my last holiday in Uganda.

Kokekoko (cock-a-doodle-do)


  1. Just discovered your blog love what your making

    1. Cheers, been interested in all sorts of surfcraft so have come across your blog before, will have to get myself a mat one day!